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Our Story

     Hi, my name is Jordyn and I’m just an ordinary young lady with an adorable little family, I'm a mom to two of the sweetest little boys, and I'm a girl who loves life and loves fashion!!!

     At an early age my mom started taking me on shopping trips for “My Birthday Month” (yes month) and again over “Spring Break” each year.   This is when my love for fashion started.   After high school I left home for college to become a teacher but after a few road blocks, namely “college algebra”, and a retail job that I loved …. I changed my major and decided I wanted to try my hand in the fashion business instead. I guess you can say "everything happens for a reason" or "it’s all part of the plan" because this is how my dream of the “Girlfriends Room” Boutique got started.

     Why “Girlfriends Room”? …… well first of all remember how you are always admirable of your girlfriends closet and you borrow from them and they borrow from you. (Of course the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.) Well I wanted my boutique to be just like your “girlfriends closet”. A boutique of clothes you want to wear and just have to have in your closet.   But of course, these clothes will be all yours …. Not your girlfriends!!

     Then the second part of the story “Why Girlfriends Room?” …… During college when there was lots of girls living under one roof and fighting over the small bathroom mirror  ... we came up with a plan to designate one room in the house as a "Girlfriends Room" ... a place for all of us to be able to do our makeup and hair and such.  After that the extra bedroom in my house/apartment was designated as the “Girlfriends Room”. This room was for my clothes, my shoes, a makeup table, a big mirror, and lots of closet space. A room where I could spend time each day to get ready for the day and a place to feel beautiful. For me a “Girlfriends Room” was a must!!!!!

     So that’s why I call it the “Girlfriends Room”..... It’s a place to find that outfit you just can’t live without and a place to find that outfit that makes you feel beautiful!!!!

     After the dream ... and then deciding the name .....  I set out to find a place for my store because I want that one on one connection with my customers. ~~ And this is when I hit my Next Roadblock ....... "High cost of rent and a low amount of startup funds"!!  So, I had to figure out a slightly different plan to get started on my dream,,,,,,,,,,, And this is how the “Girlfriends Room” online Boutique came to be.

     Finally, I just want you to know that I am so glad you are here ...... And I hope you love shopping at the Girlfriends Room.  I would love to hear from you because I still do want that one on one connection with my customers!!!! If there is anything special you are looking for just let me know ..... I'm here to help!!!